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closet consultation

Surprisingly, most people only wear 10-20% of the clothes in their closet. That leaves 80-90% of their wardrobe unused and taking up valuable real estate! This not only makes for a crowded, confusing jumble, but takes precious time to sort through every morning in your quest to get dressed. During your closet consultation, I’ll show you how to determine what works for you, what doesn’t, and why. Together, we’ll edit down your wardrobe so that what’s left are only things that fit, flatter, are in good shape, and meet your fashion goals. Then I’ll teach you how to mix and match them to create many different outfits from your core wardrobe. This is called “shopping in your closet” and is a lot of fun! After that, I’ll make a list of things that you now need to fill in your wardrobe gaps.